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Rapper Birdman Buys £5.5 million Maybach

Rapper Birdman has shocked the world again as if his 2.2 million pound Bugatti wasn’t enough he has now bought a Maybach for £6 million pounds, some people just can’t believe it. He recently bought a Maybach Landaulet and many people didn’t understand why the rapper wanted that car but he has now gone to the extreme and spent £5.5 million pound on one vehicle the Maybach Exelero.

According to sources the rapper Birdman was interviewed a couple of weeks ago and said he saw the Maybach they told him the price of £5million pounds and he said I have got to have it so now the rapper owns a £5 million car. The Maybach Exelero is a custom built Maybach and is one of a kind, the car can reach up too 214mph and the rapper has been tweeting pictures of his new investment. The vehicle certainly looks different and is sure to turn heads for the rapper.

Can any celebrity top this? It’s certainly going to take a lot I think we can say that now.