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Rapper Wiz Khalfia and Model Amber Rose Step Out Of Rolls Royce Phantom

Wiz Khalfia known for his rapping skills is no stranger to a nice car as seen in a lot of his music videos and this time was no different the rapper jumped out of his Rolls Royce Phantom with his girlfriend Amber Rose, Amber who used to date Kanye West before seeing Wiz is a model who has featured in music videos for a long period of time in the hip hop scene. Her latest big video was Fabolous “You be killing em “which has over 5 million views on sharing website YouTube. With all this surrounding Wiz even matched his snapback hat with Amber’s lipstick and more rumours are circulating that the pair are about to tie the knot.

The pair shut down rumours earlier this year that there were no plans for marriage yet however in a recent interview Wiz said he would certainly marry the stunning model, Amber has shyed away from the talk but also has not denied anything. Many people believe the pair is in fact already engaged after there was talk about a ring being spotted on Amber’s finger. One thing is for sure that something will get out in future if the pair is set to marry.