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Richard Hammonds Dream Ferrari for Sale

The actual Ferrari Daytona that Richard raced against James in the Top gear series where he went up against an 1000bhp powerboat a few years back now has became available to buy the prices will be ranging in at £180,000 too £210,000. The 365GTB/4 Ferrari is believed to fetch £20,000 more than a new 458. If you can recall the race the Ferrari lost against James 80mph XSR48 boat. Hammond however said he had a great deal more fun than James and was still happy he choose the Ferrari.

Richard Hammond however isn’t the only celebrity which fell in love with the Ferrari the Royal HRH the Prince of Wales; he borrowed the Ferrari back in 1973. It was also Ferrari’s original show car and press car during the launch in 1968. If you have abit of money to spare on a Ferrari then get down to the Brooklands Museum in Surrey on the 18th May.

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