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Rod Stewarts Son Sued By Luxury Car Hire Company

A car hire company in California is planning to sue Rod Stewart’s son, Sean due to him wrecking over £100,000 of car. The star allegedly crashed the luxury Bentley Flying Spur on Sunset Boulevard last September. The state of the art Bentley Flying Spur was hired under Sean Stewart’s fiancé’s name Chantal Kendall. When the car was originally crashed Sean claimed he was nothing but a passenger in the sports car and that the Bentley was being driven by a female driver. This led Police and the car hire company to believe that the woman who hired the Bentley sports car was at fault.

However it is now clear that Sean was actually the driver of the Bentley Flying Spur and the car rental firm is now seeking compensation against Sean totalling a massive £133,000 which includes all costs for the loss of rental earnings from the vehicle after it was taken off the road to be repaired. Legal documents have now been filed in Los Angeles last month and claim that the Bentley car hire was crashed on Sunset Boulevard in September. Although the vehicle was hired out too Sean’s fiancé, the legal papers claim that Sean was driving the car at the time of the crash.

Sean the 30 year old son of pop legend Rod Stewart has had past running’s with the Police including being jailed for 90 days back in 2002 for assaulting a man, and has also been accused of car theft and assault with a deadly weapon in the past. Sean has also appeared on Celebrity Rehab.

We will keep you updated on the court case to see if Sean is found guilty or not.


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