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A Pink Hummer Limo Takes Couple to Their Rollercoaster wedding

A pink Hummer limo has been making the news recently as it transported Richie Kearns and Sherry Blais to their rollercoaster wedding in Florida. The day started off just as any traditional wedding does with a chauffeur driven wedding car, red carpet arrival the bride wearing a beautiful white dress and then the couple had decided they were to exchange their vows on a Rollercoaster which was the Beach Hurricane.

The couple who are from Fort Myers in the US, had chosen they were going to marry on the rollercoaster and asked if they could hire the rollercoaster out for 10 minutes which the theme park had no objection against.
When the couple arrived at Dania Beach theme park, they were chauffeured in a pink hummer limo and were given a red carpet entrance with a balloon arch. The couple then got on the rollercoaster which had a sign on “Tunnel of Love”. The official newlyweds then got off the rollercoaster with the bride even hanging on to her veil at one point to stop it from flying off during the ride.

Richie and Sherry said it was a dream come true and they wouldn’t of wished it to be no other way, they said their idea for the marriage to take place on the coaster came from another couple getting hitched on the high speed coaster a few months earlier.


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