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Rolls Royce Phantom Hire

The Rolls Royce company was born in 1904 and to many, Rolls Royce are the greatest car manufacturer in the world.

Over the last century the company have produced a range of models, with the current crop of the bunch being the Phantom and the Ghost.

All Rolls Royce vehicles are hand crafted in Goodwood, UK and are tested vigorously before being shipped to dealerships worldwide. This stringent testing helps to ensure that Rolls Royce maintains it`s reputation as being a producer of high quality motor cars.

The Phantom is available in 4 different models, the Phantom, the Extended Wheelbase Phantom, the Phantom Drophead Coupé or the Phantom Coupé. Midlands Limo Hire are fortunate enough to have the Phantom in it's fleet of vehicles and we can vouch first hand that a Rolls Royce Phantom simply oozes quality. When you close the door on a Phantom, you can hear and feel that the vehicle has been well constructed. The designers have utilised a 2:1 wheel-to-height ratio ensuring the vehicle height is always twice that of the wheel height. This gives the Phantom a real sense of presence. From the head on the Phantom has the classic grill and spirit of ecstasy, which clearly marks the vehicle as a car of prestige. The rectangular head lights help to give the Phantom it's rugged, good looks.

Unique design features include the coach doors, which are hinged at the rear, enabling them to open backwards. This feature makes the Phantom a perfect choice as a wedding car vehicle by enabling the bride to make a gracious exit of the vehicle on her wedding day.

The Phantom engine is a direct injection 6.75 litre, V12, which has so much power, that even when cruising at 70mph there is still 90% power in reserve. Although the engine is immensely powerful, it is eerily quiet, which is testimony to the level of engineering which has been invested in the vehicle.

At a price tag of £250,000 the Phantom is not cheap, however, with our affordable hire rates, why not spoil yourself and allow us to take you for a ride in one of the greatest engineered vehicles on the planet?