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Royal Ascot 2011 Fight over Girl

A drunken brawl has ruined the reputation of the 300 year old Royal Ascot event, and all the good happenings seem to be having taking away by the drunken brawl which has caught the newspapers eye. The fight was started by a group of drunken friends, having banter over a blonde girl however it all turned sour and fighting began to take place.

One eye witness said all the men appeared to be friends however a pretty race goer caught their attention and it went from natured banter into bad violence. The ascot has been the summer thing to do on the calendar and the glorious atmosphere is a must for British people. The girls were encouraging the men and seemed to be having a laugh about the men punching each other. A girl apparently said ‘Oh they are fighting over me’ laughing and joking about.

Some of the men who were involved in the fight looked really young, but the main culprits who were hurt were guys in their 40s, people behind the bar pulled the men apart. The security was really bad at the Ascot event and it took them ages to respond to the fighting. A newly bought bottle of champagne went flying and the men were biting and kicking each other.

The Queen’s favourite racing event celebrates a massive day out with over 300,000 people being attracted each year, however the past couple of year male racegoers have been increasingly violent and the commentators were commenting on the flesh on show at the event.

The event ended with two arrests and Ascot’s strict behavioural code, a drunken brawl, and another man arrested for class B drugs. Celebrity guests included Michael Owen and newly knighted entertainer Bruce Forsyth. Queen Elizabeth II has not missed a day since she was 19 years old.

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