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Royal Wedding to Be Shown In 3D

Reports have been flying around now for some time that Sky 3-D viewers will be able to watch the Royal Wedding in April in 3-D; however sources are now claiming that Kate Middleton and Prince William have drawn a line for the 3-D coverage.

Sky news have now said that may only broadcast portions of the Royal Wedding including Kate’s car ride to Westminster Abbey as well as the return journey where she returns to Buckingham Palace via a horse-drawn carriage.

The 3-D wedding was set in stone until the royal aide said to Sky News, ITN and the BBC that it would require too much equipment to be put in the church and it is rumoured that Sky even set up a practice wedding inside the Sussex church just weeks ago.

It is now very unlikely that the wedding will go ahead in 3-D but seems Sky have set their eyes on just keeping some of the wedding in 3-D either way it will certainly be a treat for viewers to see such a major event in stunning 3-D animation.

Press secretary Patrick Harrison has apologised to broadcasters with a letter this week and confirmed that the actual wedding will not be hosted in 3-D coverage and said the couple had came to the decision themselves.


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