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School Prom Concerns with Sun beds

With the School prom season well and truly underway and teenage boys and girls up and down the country waiting to be picked up in their luxury limousines with their fancy suits and dresses on, a new problem has risen. Teenage girls are using sun beds at record breaking highs, a survey was conducted and a link between proms and sun beds was found.

Following the sun bed regulation act 2010, it is now illegal for U 18’s to use a sun bed. However some tanning studios are still allowing the teens to use the sun beds with permission from parents, this is all in cause of having sun kissed skin for their big day. It is reported that teens are also using the sun beds to get rid of acne before the big day as sun beds dry up the oil which causes the spots in skin.

Medical experts believe the risk of skin cancer is increasing in young people showing that 2 under 35 year olds are diagnosed with skin cancer everyday which has now doubled in the past years, our advice is to stay away from the sun beds and enjoy your luxury limousine service, dresses, suits and the whole night spending with friends.

However there is an argument as experts believe that the sun bed is fine in moderation and recommended that youngsters get their skin tested before using the sunbed. If you are preparing for your school prom please make sure you stay safe and enjoy the prom.

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