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Simon Cowell Steps into Rolls Royce Phantom

With the X-Factor in the UK well underway and Simons show getting more than 7million viewers last Saturday it seems like employing a whole new line of judges has paid off for Cowell. He has always known what is best and he’s got it right again. Simon recently slashed Cheryl from the US X-Factor show and has admitted he was in the wrong; however Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls has filled Cheryl’s boots tremendously well. Cheryl is now reportedly going to be joining back with the UK version later on this year however these may just be rumours.

Simon, who is a big fan of his sports cars and prestige vehicles, does not hide that he has a massive love for this Rolls Royce Phantom, it is Simon’s favourite car along with a lot of celebrities. He was spotted leaving the set of the X-Factor US and jumping straight into his Rolls Royce with a bottle of bubbly, not a bad end to the day by any means.