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Simon Cowell Wants President Obama’s Limo

Simon Cowell has reported he wants to buy President Obama’s limousine, the star that is worth over £300 million pound and has made shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and the X-Factor. The Cadillac which is known as the beast to the world got stuck in Ireland the other day causing a big security scare and security officials were on the dot to make sure the situation was kept under wraps.

The car mad Simon Cowell who already owns a fleet of luxury vehicles has ordered staff to get his own version of the Cadillac and that Simon has been in touch about the vehicle during President Obama’s trip to Britain and Ireland. The limo has so many security features it is kind of amazing, some of the features include an armour plated fuel tank, puncture resistant tires and bullet proof glass to name a few.

Simon’s normal mode of transport is the Rolls Royce Phantom; Simon owns one in the US and another one London. Simon now is security conscious after a tracking device was fount underneath the multi millionaire’s Phantom. Simon has always loved his vehicles and it is no shock he loved the US president’s limousine, the X-Factor star has showed his love for fancy cars and luxury limousines in the past and now looks like he is ready to take that extra step towards safety. 

A source from The Sun newspaper said “Simon’s love of cars is borderline obessional”. The star apparently took one look at the Beast limousine and said ‘I need one’. However it is not as easy to walk into a car showroom and say you need one of these vehicles. A beast would take months, if not years to complete so it is unsure whether Simon will be allowed one. Cadillac may even call it a security risk if the vehicle was to be stolen from the superstar.

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