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Smallest wedding car in history transports couple on their big day

A couple from Hereford certainly knew how to steal the spotlight and make the headlines, with one of the smallest wedding cars ever seen dropping the bride and groom off at their destination.

The wedding car was so small that it took Nicky Davies almost 15 minutes just to get into the car, most of this due to her dress and trying to squeeze it all in, the groom said it was worth every minute of it. The ultra mini car is owned by Faizal Khan who is a close friend to Ben Williams the groom and makes electric powered replicas of the Peel car.

The miniature vehicle only reaches up to a top speed of 10mph, so it was lucky that the newlyweds only had a short 5 mile trip to make to the reception. Bows and decorations were kept to a minimum on the vehicle as the car is so small and simply didn’t have enough room to hang or stick anything to it. However the couple did manage to hang tin cans from the boot and stick a traditional red ribbon on the car.

The car was kept all under secret until the big day so family and friends couldn’t believe it when the couple pulled up in the 3 wheel vehicle, the mini limo sure car has no room for a chauffeur and had to be driven by the groom for the 5 mile journey.