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Stag Weekends-Tips & Ideas

Planning for someone's stag weekend is a tricky task. There are so many questions to answer, do you invite the brother in law? UK or abroad? Midlands Limo Hire have put together some top tips to help you get a plan of action together:

Our initial piece of advice is to plan ahead. Give yourself a good 3-4 months, you want the stag night to be a memorable one, so giving yourself enough time is critical.

Try not to be too discriminative when it comes to getting a list of invitees together. Some people may not be able to make the stag do and it is always better to have too many, than too few.

Make a decision as to where you want to go for the stag weekend. If you are staying within the UK, look to spending a weekend in one of the major cities, such as London, Nottingham, Manchester or Blackpool. There will be a plethora of suitable activities, bars, pubs and clubs to choose from. The benefits to staying in blighty are that you know the language, the cost of things and the lay of the land. If you are staying within the UK, make sure you hire a stretched limousine for everyone. Limousines are an awesome way to get the proceedings underway and if everyone pays a share of the hire fee, the overall cost is quite reasonable.

If you are planning a trip abroad it may be worth using an agency which has the experience of organising stag weekends in foreign countries

Why not plan some activities that you could do during the daytime on your stag weekend? There are plenty of events that you could pre-arrange, which will make the weekend enjoyable. Activities outside of getting drunk could include go karting, quad biking, paintballing, tank driving, bungee jumping or even zorbing.

When you have decided on your stag weekend destination, make sure you book your accommodation well in advance. Something simple will do the job, as you will be spending most of your time out and about.

Make sure that you have saved enough cash-if necessary spend a month without going out. You want the stag weekend to be a big one!

You should have in mind some sort of drinking game to play throughout the evening such as "Higher Or Lower". The game simply involves turning over a card from a deck and guessing if the next one will be higher or lower. If you get it wrong, you can guess the punishment. Alternatively, you could try "Death Ring" This game is simple and almost no thought is necessary. The first two players each draw a card. If the values are the same, each player must drink (in sips) double the value of the card. If the cards are the same suit, then each player drinks the value of their own card. The third player draws a card and compares it to the second player's card in the same manner.

Make sure you have some plan in mind to humiliate the groom. You could make him dress up in some sort of ridiculous ladies outfit, shave off his eyebrows or deny him access to his hotel room whilst dressed in nothing more than his birthday suit. However, remember Karma.

Remember to bring a camera, you will want to keep the photographs of the grooms humiliation as a memento.

The final tip is enjoy yourself and remember-what happened on the stag weekend stays there!

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