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Stallone’s truck sells for £81,000

The truck which is driven in the Expendables movie by Sylvester Stallone’s character has sold for £81,000. The 1956 truck was custom built for the movie by famous West Coast Customs who modify cars for MTV in smash show Pimp My Ride. The truck was worth pennies before entering the garage but now is worth over 80 grand.

The vehicle has a Ford 347cid Edelbrock engine installed into the car and appeared in the hit movie Expendables, the vehicle also boasts leather race seats and also secret hideouts for weapons which were used in the movie. The dash board has a secret area to stash a fake pistol and another place at the back of the truck to hide a machine gun.

The unique 1955 truck was for $132,000 which is £81,000 at the Celebrity Car Auction which was held in Arizona last week. As well as grabbing the vehicle to himself the winning bidder also received a signed picture from the man himself Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone’s truck wasn’t the only vehicle making the headlines Elvis Presley’s former car was sold along with a truck owned by Evil Knieval which were both sold for impressive sums of money.