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Stolen Limo Found at the bottom of a lake

A 20 seater limousine has been found in the bottom of a lake in Canada, the £80,000 limousine was stolen and wasn’t fount until now, the actual limousine was found in a lake and had actually been driven off a cliff side into the water below. The giant limousine which was stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning from the Sun Valley limousine company was spotted by an on goer who seen the giant limousine sitting in the lake at 9:30am on a bright Sunday day. The police report states that the actual attempt to destroy the vehicle into the lake was deliberate.

The police searched the shoreline and fount nobody injured, there were no signs of the passengers and a dive team have now been scheduled to scan the waters surrounding the limousine. The 20 seater limousine was a real hit with the customers and was good for proms, hen and stag parties. It is unclear who did the robbery and still how such a big vehicle could end up at the bottom of the lake. The limousine will certainly be missed by its owner and with the hefty price tag which it came along with he certainly will be looking for some justice.

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