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Stretch limo with fitted Jacuzzi goes to work

A stretch limousine in Cape Town is to go under the hammer this month, they are planning to fit a Jacuzzi on to the back of the limousine, the limo which measures 12.5 metres in length and can hold up to 23 passengers.  This limousine probably wouldn’t be brilliant in the UK due to the weather however in South Africa it is the perfect limo.

As well as the onboard Jacuzzi the limo also has 6 plasma screens and DVD systems fitted all around the vehicle as well fibre optic lighting and a full ostrich leather seating for a luxurious feel. The limo was bought back in 1996 and went under 12 months worth of improvement to make it the vehicle it is going to be today.

With only a handful of Jacuzzi limousines available we imange the people of Cape Town will be queuing up to hire this limousine.