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Supercar maker Ferrari to Launch World’s most expensive new Book

Ferrari have published the world’s most expensive new book and are set to release their new books very soon the official top end book is set cost a massive £155,000 and is actually more expensive then some of Ferrari’s actual cars. The official Ferrari Opus Enzo Diamante on the front of the book is actually £10,000 more expensive than the company’s cheapest car, the 193mph California. Only one copy of this book will be sold in each country worldwide which makes it not only one of the rarest books to buy but also the most expensive book to buy.

The book is set to have 200,000 words in and has every single Ferrari road a race car as well as every professional driver to work for the company. The book is printed in heavy duty paper and weighs over 37Kg; it features over 2,000 photos of the iconic company and shows the history and drivers of the company.

Every living Ferrari F1 world champion will personally sign the 50x50cm book on silver foiled signature sheets. The handcrafted red leather 852 page book is designed perfectly with the ‘Prancing Horse’ logo on the front which has more than 30 carats of diamonds encrusted in it.

The creator of the Ferrari book is the same guy Kraken Opus who made the exclusive books for Michael Jackson and Manchester United. The book is also available in cheaper options ranging from 2,000 to 20,000.
The classic model which is £2,000 is signed by current Ferrari formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa and is limited to 4,100 copies worldwide. The Enzo edition is named after Ferrari’s fastest ever road car and they are limited to 400 like the model itself and cost £20,000.
The most expensive book ever is a copy of 19th century masterpiece

‘John James Audubon’s Birds of America’ which sold last year at an auction for over £7.3 million.

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