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Superstar Prince Demands 25m Limo Journey

Prince the king of pampered pop stars has set a new record for demands. The superstar has demanded for his debut at his festival appearance that he wants an 25 metre limo ride from his own personal built dressing room which had to be purple schemed. The US superstar who presented the event organisers his massive list if he was to perform at the event on the Hop Farm Music Festival in south eastern England this Sunday night.

The star even demanded that his dressing room was built to exact measurements and the crews backstage had to build the dressing room three times in order for them to get it to the closet inch. The workers then were told to paint the room purple and include matching chairs and tables for the star.

The worst of all the demands was a luxury limousine which he has demanded in previous gigs, the limo has to include an oxygen bar and black M and Ms Chocolate and then he his picked up in the limo from his dressing room to the stage.

Prince also banned any stage hands from looking him in the eye as he made his way to play to the crowd in Paddock Wood, around 55 kilometres south east of London; however the Prince of pop said I can get 50,000 people singing the same song at the same time, not many people can achieve this.

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