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Sylvester Stallone Using Bidding Site Ebay to Sell Porsche

Multi millionaire and star actor Stallone has planned to sell his Porsche Panamera 4s on bidding site Ebay, the custom Porsche is customised with black alloys and even you are not too keen on this Porsche your head is guaranteed to be turned at this one.

Car experts can not say how long Stallone has owned this car because they have never spotted him in the luxury vehicle before putting it up for sale on the auction website however it is known that it certainly does belong to the star actor and has been customised to Stallone standards.  Beverly Hills Porsche are the company that will be selling the vehicle for the star actor and have used paid advertisements for people to check the vehicle out which can now at this moment be seen on Ebay.

The movie star is known for his love for cars and with the truck he drove in the Expendables movie which has just been released on DVD making extra thousands due to Stallone using the truck in the movie, we have no doubt the luxury super car will sell probably double the retail price with the vehicle being owned by himself. 

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