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Teenager Banned From His Prom

A teenage boy from Connecticut has been banned from attending his school prom after the boy posted a giant invite on the wall of his school asking another teenage girl to be his date for the wedding. James Tate cut out 12 inch cardboard letters and attached them to the school walls asking a girl Sonali Rodrigues to go to the prom with him. Although Sonali was ecstatic about the romantic gesture that Tate had done, the teachers acted very differently and took action to ban the teen from attending the prom.

The head teacher at the Connecticut High School said the act was a safety risk and had take action to punish the teen for attempting such a dangerous act, many feel the decision was harsh to ban him from the school prom but the teacher is standing by his decision to ban him from the prom. He had secured his date but was now banned from the prom.

The School leaver James Tate got a few of his friends to help him post the message on the wall, one student helped hold the ladder while the other fixed the double sided tape on the letters for him all while James quickly attached the message to the wall. The high school student said he planned it out and was careful not to put himself or his friends in danger while posting the message, he also wore a protective helmet in case of any accidents. Despite all of his pleas the high school prom is standing to their word and refusing to let James Tate attend his school prom and his accomplices.

Protests have already started on mega social site Facebook calling for the lift to be banned on the teen. People think the ban is very harsh and it is thought surely the school will forgive him and let him go to his school prom with his high school sweetheart.

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