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The most prestigious awards 2010

The most prestigious awards took place last Saturday and we have the results right here to tell you which cars won it big.

The Chauffeur Car of the Year Awards tested fourteen shortlisted cars to find out which was to win the award.

The Bentley Flying Spur Speed, Mercedes-Benz and the Hyundai i800 have all been awarded as the best in their class. Judges have also marked all the vehicles on their economy, comfort and ride, boot space, desirability and for the first time, vehicles were scored for the manufacturers chauffeur programmes on offer.

Split into four categories, the Bentley Flying Spur Speed won the £100,000, whilst the BMW 730Ld was awarded the best chauffeur car costing between £50,000-£100,000, the Mercedes-Benz E220 was awarded the highest points in the £50,000 and under category, whilst the massive Hyundai i800 received the MPV award.

One of the judges commented “It has been an extremely difficult task to judge Cars for this Year because of the massive amount of cars in the industry. The surprising thing was that the top four winning vehicles in the £50,000-£100,000 category were only three points apart, this shows how close it was.”

He also added; “Each vehicle tested by the judges was driven at least 300 miles on all road types. We found that driving each vehicle the same route gave us an excellent comparison between all the cars. The awards are too important to be rushed it has taken us around four months to actually decide the winners for this year.”

All judges were experienced in operating a variety of vehicles, and know exactly what is required to run a successful chauffeur firm. Midland limos will be publishing the full judge’s report on each vehicle over the coming months, so by then why don’t you choose your favourite car and enter it in the awards for next maybe it could win the next superlative car of the year. Good Luck!