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The Electric Mini Hummer

The MEV Hummer HX is for the Hummer fans of the world who want something a little smaller than the original monster H2 Hummers with their 6 litre engines. The mini Hummer is fully electric and can get around 60 miles to a charge which is pretty impressive considering how small the actual car is. The body of the Hummer is actually smaller than a Mini but has the distinct Hummer shell which you can spot from a mile away. People close to the Hummer car say the actual electric Hummer carries the shell better than its larger predecessor.

 A company called MEV acquired rights to the little version of the Hummer line so everything you see is fully legit and 100% Hummer. They have currently signed a contract with Hummer to produce some of these small vehicles.

There are only going to be 3 dealerships so far in Italy, Saudi Arabia and London and an American dealership is reportedly not far away as we think celebrities will go mad for one of these Hummers.

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