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The First Bijan Rolls Royce Phantom Revealed

The houses of Bijan have revealed the first Rolls Royce Phantom limited edition the first of thirty one which are designed by themselves for the Rolls Royce’s. They are designed at an exclusive Beverley Hills designer pad on Rodeo Drive. The company are dubbed as “Driveable Art” and the two brands combine a world of high fashion and with luxury automobiles. The house of Bijan has a reputation of being one of the most expensive Fashion houses in the whole world. The new Phantom’s are described as being the best luxurious creation he has made up to date and like all of the vehicles he has customised in the past they will all reflect his style and elegance in each client which chooses to pick a design with himself.

While all the vehicles will be customized with over thirty one specs added on, the Bijan Phantom has been given 28 special designs and even has a hand painted paisley design on the bonnet and wing mirrors. Bijan is surrounded by 611 pave white diamonds which are set in wood and the limited edition embroidered silks throughout the interior including a latinum key ring.

In the next 12 months, 12 more Bijan Rolls Royce Phantom’s will be released in a variety of colours and combinations, it is rumoured that it will be one a month but that has yet to be confirmed.