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The Invincible Marauder

The marauder is a new vehicle built by a South African company and has been known as unbeatable, the H2 hummer which is now used by the U.S army. However the South African company wasn’t happy enough with the fantastic H2 Hummer Army Edition they went a built something what can be only compared to a monster truck. Vorlchikowitz who is the executive chairman of the Paramount group said “The Marauder is one of the toughest vehicles in the world”, the H2 Hummer is now a celebrity vehicle and is somewhat of a famous car. The Marauder however is a vehicle of real safety and force.

The South African company was so confident of their Marauder that they challenged Top Gear to throw anything he wanted at the vehicle and the Marauder simply took it all without a single bit of damage. Richard Hammond said despite the run we have had with the Marauder, it’s important to remember this vehicle has been built for soldier protection and for armies worldwide to protect them, he said he had no doubt that it could save life’s.

Top Gear always like abit of fun on the show and they really did throw all they could at the vehicle from driving it through brick walls, driving up other cars, the Marauder just simply blew it all off. The vehicle has type of technology which other security protected vehicles simply don’t have. The threat of IED’s is always about and the Marauder can take up too 14kg of TNT underneath the vehicle not to mention the armoured chairs which the soldiers sit in. It can even travel 50km when the vehicle has been shot.

The Marauder is a new armoured vehicle and will be interesting to see whether the Marauder will join the Hummer vehicles on the front line in future times.

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