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The Longest Limousine Ever

The Guinness book of records was updated last week, and was updated with a new record which was the longest vehicle award, in previous books the vehicle had not been included due to legal reasons however the car has now been fully completed and has been placed in the Guinness book of records.

The limousine was created by Jay Ohrberg who now lives in California who gathered a team to build the 100 ft long limousine, the huge vehicle has had its problems in the past and couldn’t be classed as the largest working vehicle in the world, but with all the problems now cleared it has its title.

The 100 ft long ride has 26 tires spaced throughout the car and even has 2 driver cabins in the front and in the back end of the car thus being as the vehicle is so hard to drive, the middle placing of the car is hinged in order to allow the vehicle to turn.

Jay Ohrberg the creator of the car spoken out and said that the vehicle was only built for exhibition purposes however people have been dreaming about hiring such a car , and the owner has agreed to provide the limousine for rentals on special functions and events. The limousine is rather too long to drive in the streets and is technically at the moment not quite legal, but with special trained chauffeurs in both cabins it could be possible.

The fun doesn’t stop there with this vehicle inside of the car it hosts a fully heated Jacuzzi tub, a swimming pool, king sized bed, a sun deck, a helipad and televisions all around with its very own satellite dish, it really is something special. The vehicle has been that popular directors have been placing orders for the car for their own movie shootings and exhibitions.

The vehicle is not likely ever to available for rental by the general public but it really is something special.