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The Look A Like Mercedes S Class Limousine

The limousine which is set to be called the ZIL liousine is about to make its way into the automotive world of cars and be built by specialist limousine makes ArmorTech. The custom limousine company have already worked on the Bentley Mulsanne and now they are set to take the world by storm again and deliver another top class limousine.

The Mercedes S Class is believed to be the base of the limousine and it is going to sit 4 passengers comfortably in the bank of the rear compartment, the idea of this limousine is too make it as comfortable as possible and to provide a luxury experience.

People who love limousines are going to apparently adore this limousine and you can check the sketch of the new limousine and just imagine how luxurious this limousine is going to be. ArmorTech are due to unveil the vehicle in the near future however they have set no date on nothing so we could be waiting months to see the first real glimpse of this vehicle in real life. However this is certainly a limousine to look out for in the future.

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