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The Multicoloured Rolls Royce Phantom

When you think of the Rolls Royce Phantom you normally think of a sleek black, silver or white however this vehicle has took it to the extreme with different colours. The polo supermini did it back in 1990’s and against all odds saying the car was ridiculous it actually sold 3,800 units. The owner of the Rolls Royce Phantom who is a guy named Alan decided to go with the multi colour Rolls Royce Phantom and make his stand out against the other millionaires who own the vehicle. He also owns a number of sports cars including the Lamborghini LP640 Roadster, Pagani Zonda F and a Spyker C8 Spyder.

Alan has enough sports cars to play around and satisfy his needs, he then came up with the idea of turning a Rolls Royce Phantom and said he wanted to put some colour onto it to create some life into the Phantom. Alan went to designer Pablo Rabiella a UK based designer who specialises in anything from jewellery to car styling.

He then needed to find a company capable of providing his idea into real life, he found that company with SuperVettura who specialise in putting certain ideas together on supercars and limousines. The project has taken 7 months but it shall not be long now till they reveal the all new Rolls Royce Phantom with the added flavour of Rabiella’s creative work.

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