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The New Lincoln Limousine

The Lincoln MKT will know be replaced by the next generation vehicle what’s your say...

The styled Lincoln MKT will replace the Lincoln Town Car as the next generation vehicle and limousine for the industry, starting with the 2013 model. An announcement was made recently. The plans are to introduce two new MKTs, one with extra room for the rear seats, and another with a heavy-duty chassis for limousine modification by Ford manufacturers and will a feature a new all-wheel drive system.

Operators throughout the USA are expected to snap the current Town Car model over the next three years before the 2013 MKT takes over. It’s also likely that a major vehicle buying binge among operators for at least the next three years as many snatch up the last Lincoln Town Cars while planning to add the first model year of the livery MKT to chauffeured transportation fleets.

The MKT announcement culminates a three-year research, design and development process by Ford to find out how the nation’s leading car maker could exceed the quality and performance expectations established by the legendary Town Car. Production of the Lincoln Town Car Executive will finish at the end of 2011.