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The Planet Friendly Vehicle

The new 2010 Lexus LS 600 L hybrid sedan will be the most advance fuel-efficient and planet friendly luxury hybrid sedan built to date. It is expected to carry a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) rating. This rating certifies that this vehicle has nearly seventy percent cleaner emission than other vehicle - making it planet friendly. It's not only comfortable but very fast as well; there is a lot of power in this vehicle. The Toyota hybrid synergy drive system provides Lexus V-12 performance from a V8 engine. It is not expected to be particularly faster than the previous model, but it does provide power far more effortlessly.

It will be the most highly specified luxury sedan ever built by Lexus. It's been designed to reach the highest levels of performance, style and safety. It boasts to have the most impressive safety system with eight airbags, which includes twin chamber airbag technology. The airbags will deploy in two stages depending on the extent of the accidents impact.

The 2010 model revisions are fairly minimal, it will have revised front and rear fascias, front grille, new bumper, updated taillights, indicators and of course new wheels.

Its interior will continue to provide supreme comfort whilst passengers sit inside. It comes with a full complement of luxury features, such as power relining rear seats, built beverage coolers, seat massage features, four zone climate control and advance parking guidance system.

A key aspect of this car is its low emersion to ensure and but not at by comprising passengers luxury. The engine monitor graphic display informs the driver about the various power plants on board. The wheels are producing energy which can produce extra power for the battery. So maybe, 2010 will be the year for a planet friendly car.

Lexus LS 600 The planet frendly car