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The Pope’s Old limousine expected to fetch over £250,000

The Pope’s 1964 Lincoln Continental Limousine was specifically adapted for the pope back in 1964 to carry him safely through the streets of New York when he visited the US. The limousine had exterior step plates and handrails for security with a raised seat for the Pontiff including a public address system. The limo also had a transparent rear section and removable roof which allowed the Pope to speak and address the thousands of people who came to visit him. The pope now days travel around in a bulletproof hybrid.

Three years later the limo was used to chauffeur Pope Paul IV and later it carried the astronauts from several Apollo missions including Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong through the streets of Chicago during ticket tape parades. This limo is certainly going to be a treasured item for collectors. The Pope’s limo is set to make a lot of money with the minimum estimate at £100,000.

The car is expected to sell between £250,000 and £300,000 in the next coming days, the vehicle could even sell for more depending on how bad the bidder wants this vehicle, and one thing is for sure this limousine could cause a bidding war.

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