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The Presidential Limo

The Presidential Limo is one of the most wanted sightings on the roads of America. Sighting the president cruising from place to place, is a spectacular experience.

The limousine is a symbol of presidential power. During this decade Cadillac has produced two other presidential limousines for the president of the United States which remains in service. The first was in 2001, a Deville presidential model which was for President George W. Bush. Then in 2004, the Deville Touring Sedan (DTS) presidential model was presented.

President Obama's £250,000 limo is a hand crafted and armoured version of the Cadillac DTS. At first glance, it looks a lot like the stretched Cadillac Sedan model that President George W, Bush used in 2004. However, this 2009 Cadillac limousine is a completely new design. It is much larger and it has been designed with greater levels of security, it has been nicknamed by secret service as 'the beast' limo. It is the most heavily armoured limousine to date.

The jet black exterior is panelled and underside with five inches of ballistic armour. The windows, which do not open, are transparent bulletproof glass and thick enough to block sunlight. It's only the chauffeur's window which can open, but only a very little bit. It has a small slot that slides open, which can only be assumed this is to enable transport on toll roads.

This limousine titanium structure is armoured to such magnitude that it is said it is capable of withstanding every type of attack including, shoulder fired missiles, bullets, chemical and biological attacks and even a missile strike. The high-tech features include night-vision camera and pump-action shotguns to destroy any attackers. The advanced electronic countermeasures have been design to jam enemy communications. The vehicle has also been designed to operate with a run-flat tyre system at speeds of more than 60mph.

Similar to its predecessor, the stretched limo interior features extensive executive leather seating with rear foldaway desktop. The rear passenger area has ample space and legroom. It is illuminated with naturalistic artificial lighting and contains many office features to provide the United States president a mobile office to support him with his high-profile job. Internal safety features include tear-gas cannon, oxygen tanks and supplies of the president's blood group.

The previous models of presidential limos will be used by the vice president and travelling world leaders.

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