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The Prom Fever Is Fully Underway

A new Disney movie which is going to be based on all things a Prom has to offer. It has proved a big hit in the US cinemas and is about to travel over the Atlantic to hit UK cinemas on the 3rd June.

The Prom will be released in the UK on the third of June and as the prom season is in full swing in the UK, many believe this is the perfect timing for the Prom flick to hit the cinemas as the parties are going off up and down the country. The makers of the film claim it is a celebration period and what better way to get in the mood by watching the film.

If you are wishing to view the new film please make sure too book your tickets in advance as the family spirited movie is set to be sold out on its opening weekend at the box office.

The new Disney film follows a group of different couples and follows their run up to their all important prom night. The film goes through the whole process of the perfect prom from finding the dress, to asking your dream girl or guy to the actual prom. And of cause who can pull out the stocks and turn all the heads in that special limousine.  Disney have reportley been watching the prom season closely and have made a film with the dilemmas facing school leavers across the globe.

The soundtrack is set to feature boy band All Star Weekend and Travie McCoy’s cover of his Super grass hit. The new Disney movie is set to become the film of the summer for teens.

If you are excited about the Prom release which is due on Friday, then you can check out the trailer to see what the movie is all about. If you are still looking for last minute Prom deals then please feel free to contact us.