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The Rolls Royce Wins Again

With only just over a month to go to the British royal wedding, everything is all getting abit wild and preparations are heating up and there was talks whether the royal family would you use the limousine or have the royal carriage.

It now looks like the Rolls Royce will be used as Kate Middleton has clearly spoken out and said the Rolls Royce will be the wedding car. Kate Middleton will arrive at Westminster Abbey in the black and claret 1977 it is the same car which was attacked in December when Prince Charles and Camilla were attacked by student protesters, however the limo has recently been repaired and will be used at the royal wedding.

There were talks if the limousine should be used at the wedding due to rumours of more students protesting however the vehicle as we said has been repaired and maybe the government are ready to make a statement by telling the students they didn’t win.

The Royal carriage will still be used depending on the weather on the way back from Westminster Abbey a special roof has also been built on that to withstand light showers.


1977 classic Rolls Royce Phantom VI-476.jpg