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The Route 66 Car Memorial Run

Route 66 in America is one the most famous roads in the US and last weekend saw the Route 66 festival take place at the Old Chain in Rocks Bridge, crowds turned out in thousands to celebrate this American highway and its history that is belonged to the highway.

Route 66 is neither the longest road in the US or the oldest and it is weird to think why the road is so popular however it is the most famous road within the US and it is a 2,400 mile road stretching from Los Angeles to Chicago. It is a fine road and all guide books and even top tourist websites will urge you take this journey.

The Route 66 festival which is now well established is known as the main road in America and event boasted all kinds of live music performances, bike rides and with special cars showing up such as American limousines and classic limousines such as Cadillac. The festival was all in good honour and all the money which was raised went to victims of the Joplin tornado, donations for this were taken on the day of the event and will help people in desperate need.

Route 66 is certainly a historic tourist destination is worth checking out by everyone and if you do want to ride around in a luxury limousine or classic vehicle then please feels free to contact us for a free quotation.