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The Strand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser

Anybody looking for something a little different this limousine simply ticks all of them boxes; it has been described as sitting in your front living room while driving the limousine. The creation comes from a team called Strand Craft, they are a team of Swedish purveyors of supercars and superyacths. With all the talk surrounding sun beds recently this limousine is actually built to give passengers maximum exposure to the sun. The super Yacht slash supercar has got a canvas roof that slides off completely giving UV rays unencumbered access to your skin.

The limousine is full of class and even has Swarovski crystals embedded around the limo and with Alcantara leather you will feel right at home in the vehicle. It also has instruments by Brietling and a 15-speaker sound system which has 11000 Watt Naim sound system. Behind the giant chrome chin strap there is a 400bhp engine, a 6.0 litre v8 which deposits power via a Haldex four wheel drive system. There is no 0-60 data available but it can reach a massive 136mph land speed and 118 knots top speed.

The Swedish company believe the limousine beach cruiser opens up a new niche in the luxury sector however no price has been set on the beach cruiser as of yet. Top gear released a statement about the limo saying “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” a price shall be set soon it is believed.

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