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The Super Bus Is Revealed

The Superbus has finally been released, we reported to you a few months back that the Superbus was under construction with plans to make it the quickest limousine in the whole world, it was planned that the vehicle would be built before now however it has took developers it a little longer to get the full potential out of the Superbus.

This Superbus is possibly one of the finest breakthroughs the limousine world has seen up to date, the limo can push speeds of 155mph and with this limo being so long it is almost a bus. It is quite impressive how the Superbus can out speed some supercars. It has been revealed that the Superbus has been built for cities which do not wish to invest in a permanent railway system and it is scheduled to cover 125 miles moving people city to city.

The vehicle measures over 15 meters and has 8 individual doors provide access for 23 passengers. What makes this vehicle more impressive is that the limo is actually a full electric vehicle and has a rechargeable battery system where the power is derived from the electric motor. To increase the safety, they’ve put in obstacle detection systems; they promise high manoeuvrability and the highest end of breaking.