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The Top 5 Prom Hire Essentials

With the Prom season fast approaching here are five essentials and a list to ensure you have sorted before your big day and a few tips on saving abit of money:

1. Limousine hire- A prom just wouldn’t be the same without a luxury vehicle taking you to the big event letting you pull up in style and to show off to your friends and look and feel like a celebrity for the day. A few tips are to ring up day before and make sure your limousine will be on time for what you want it, double check the address and then you can put your mind at rest you will be arriving in style like a star. Here at Midlands Limos we have been in the Prom transport industry for many years now and we have vast experience with Proms and understand the importance of the day with our luxury limos.

2. The dress- Girls know how important this is and it wouldn’t be a prom without your dress, make sure all the tags on the dress are taken off and maybe have someone on hand when stepping into your limousines to make sure the dress goes in perfect and doesn’t get caught in the doors.

3. The suit and shoes- This is same for the boys, make sure your suit is in perfect condition and make sure your shirt is ironed and looks the business. If you don’t want to buy your own suit as suits can cost a lot of money you can hire from top professionals and get some really nice suits for great prices, just make sure you return the suit in top condition and the suit doesn’t have any marks on it as you may not receive your money back for the suit.

4. The After Party- Now this may sound a obvious one but if you are planning to have an after party then you need to make sure if you have a return journey in your limousine you have arranged this or if you are dropping back off at the original venue that you have arranged a lift to get you to the party.

5. Photos- If your school has arranged for you to have photos whether with your limousine, as a class, or with your date. Make sure you don’t get caught up in the event and miss them all important photos as they make memories and our advice is to take as many photos as possible as it truly is a memorable day.