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The World’s Biggest Limousine the Midnight Rider

The Midnight Rider has broken the Guinness World Record; it has been officially named as the heaviest limousine in the world and can be seen in the new Guinness Book of Records. The Midnight Rider weighs 22.5 tons and measures 70 foot in length it also boasts a massive 22 wheels and will be available to hire in California next month.

The Midnight Rider has room for 40 passengers on board and has 5 staff members on board which will assist guests during the event. The limo inside has full internet access, a bathroom and even a laser guided satellite receiver. This is more of a moving “nightclub” rather than a vehicle it’s self.

Even with 40 passengers inside the vehicle the Midnight Rider is still very spacious and is described by the owners of the vehicle as “460 square feet of pure luxury”, The Rider will be available for hire in California next month for special bookings and will cost as much as £650 per hour.

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