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The Worlds First Super SUV

British car manufacturer Eterniti is the world’s first super SUV, it was revealed at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the limo will be hand made and shall be built in London with production on the limo going to start early next year. The car maker Eterniti had only revealed a image of the supercar before the Frankfurt motor show.

The vehicle is going to be known as the Hemera and will feature a limousine style cabin with full electric reclining seats, IPad and a drinks chiller, making it an extremely comfortable chauffeur option for limousine companies in the future. The shape of the new limousine will be based on Porsche’s Cayenne although the vehicle is a 4x4 and its performance is something similar to a supercar rather than a 4x4 or a traditional limousine.

The SUV can push out almost 620bhp which can reach up to 180mph and at the same time its luxury and class is going to make into a class limousine, the new model is something to look out for and is going to hit the limo and SUV market simply making it one a kind.

The prototype is now out and since the SUV is set to be British made the Eterniti, the first SUV limos will go into production next year and we will see how well the limousine/SUV/ supercar gets on and if it will be put into mega production.