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The Worlds First Wooden Supercar

A wooden supercar has been revealed and is said to be faster than a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. The world’s first wooden supercar is named The Splinter a quite fitting name as the vehicle is built from different kinds of wooden materials. Now you may think this is ridiculous but the wooden supercar is in fact not only quicker than a Porsche it is actually nearly 240kg lighter than the Porsche. The Splinter can produce over 700bhp and with its 4.6 litre V8 engine it has over 300 more BHP than a Porsche 911 GT3, it has a whopping top speed of 240mph and could leave the new Lamborghini Revanton behind easily.

The wooden two seater supercar which is made from a combination of different woods even contains everyday woods such as maple, plywood and MDF it weighs 1,135kg and is lighter than most modern day supercars available on the luxury car market today, it is by far lighter than cars such as the Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari or even the Audi R8.

The head of the wooden project Joe Harmon who is based in North Carolina said that “Wood has higher strength ratio than aluminium or steel and it can posses’ versatility which can make weird or different construction techniques possible, he said the satisfaction you get from making something out of wood is fantastic. We can’t see the world having wooden cars anytime soon due to the world going eco green and a lot of trees would have to be planted and cut down in order for this to happen however it still is unusual and a very good idea.

The Splinter supercar does have a roll cage to protect drivers and they have stiffened the chassis to give more sustainability, it is not quite sure how long The Splinter can last with hard miles on the clock. The car even has laminated wood veneer chassis and wooden wheel rims. Suspension is provided by laminated wooden arms and springs made from Osage orange wood; these are not solid chunks of wood but moulded laminates.

The car is too be legal and is due to hit the road later this year, a price has not yet been decided but we are guessing the car will put you back a few pennies or two. Mr Harmon even believes it will not be long until F1 star Lewis Hamilton is behind the wheel of the wooden car. He said it would be possible and the problem would be getting the permission to race it would be hard however he said carbon fibre does have a slight advantage in that region.

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