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The unstoppable Rise of the School Prom

The Daily Mail have reported an astonishing raise in the Prom phenomenon in the Midlands from Nottingham to Birmingham, thousands of young woman up and down the UK have been waiting to get measured up in the fitting rooms. Around this the limousine companies are receiving thousands of phone calls with hair stylists also raking in some of the profit which started off as an American tradition which has now concreted its self into the UK.

The 15 and 16 year olds are taking their prom night more serious now and in fact it seems as they are competing among different groups of friends who can get the best limousine or which dress looks the best. Adults up and down the country however feel the Prom is a beautiful thing and that it is worth every penny to see the school kids celebrate their last days at school.

The mother now of an average family is now prepared to give out £350 on that special dress to make her daughter feel that bit more special as well as shifting out money for their daughter’s hair, professional make up and the all important limousine hire. The once event which was only seen in the Hollywood movies is now becoming a multimillion business over in the UK.

The prom season which is inspired by films such as High School Musical and the new television show Glee, British teens are now no longer happy with the normal end of term school disco and the plastic cup of lemonade they want to make the event big and do it in true VIP fashion from Hummer limousines to £500 dresses the Prom season is getting bigger and bigger year by year.

For example the school proms started off as a school only event but now the secondary schools celebrate the occasion in true celebrity fashion in posh hotel functions with the red carpet laid out for the teenagers.
This year small outlets around the town centre are looking to sell around 3,000 outfits to young women and their mothers who may even travel all around the country just to get that perfect dress for her daughter. One lady who owns a dress shop said ‘the prom frenzy now is crazy’. She also added we have girls coming into too try dresses on for 2012. However I think everybody agrees around the country it is a fabulous day for the young people of the country.

The limousine companies are providing the ultimate in luxury vehicles and allowing the teens to arrive in fashion such as their favorite celebrities with companies offering vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Phantom and Hummer limousines the teenagers are loving the prospect of being able to sit in such an automobile which they have probably never sat in before and a chance to really feel that true celebrity feeling for the day. With the leading company in the Midlands being Midlands Limos they are offering fabulous discounts for the proms. The limousines are certainly worth taking a look at.