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Thieves Steal Hummer to Raid Shop

Thieves have robbed a Hummer H2 four wheel drive but they didn’t steal the vehicle for money, they in fact stole the H2 Hummer to ram raid an Ellenbrook liquor store just for a few bottles of bourbon which is American liquor. They also stole a Mercedes sedan and are thought they used the Hummer H2 as the battering ram and then drove off with the stolen goods in the Mercedes sedan. The H2 Hummer which is a worldwide known car among celebrities and is also very popular among the limousine world is the perfect battering ram and is used by the United States of America as a military jeep. 

The thieves didn’t rob any money and just made due with some of the shops stocks the most expensive being the bottles of Bourbon.

Sergeant Julie Hansen said the damaged silver Hummer which was found at the scene had managed to pull the shop’s heavy metal security doors from its hinges, dislodge concrete paving and even damaged the shops. Police even believe that the thieves drove home in a different vehicle which was a stolen Mitsubishi which they then set on fire before driving again in the home owners luxury cars, they seemed too cover their tracks well.

The Mercedes was then found later dumped in Whiteman, Police saying the car stunk of alcohol and contained multiple cans of lager. They also took down the neighbour’s fence when pulling back up into their house; the Police are still searching for the thieves.

Police have notified the owner of the home and they are currently tracking down the H2 Hummer and Mercedes Sedan thieves.

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