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Thieves Steal Rims and Tyres off Pink Hummer

Thieves in Tulsa, USA burgled a limousine hire depot with one thing in their mind, the worker and owner of the vehicle was asked if he was working on the luxury hummer limousine as the worker had arrived at the depot to find his hummer limo propped up on jacks and had all of its tyres missing.

It is thought that the pink limo which was targeted had been a target for a while and is thought to worth in the region of £1,500. The robbers also seized the opportunity to rob the credit card details which were found at the depot, the police have recently been able to trace the card which was stolen by following the actions taken from the stolen card at the various local stores around the area.

The theft of the rims and tyres has really set back the limousine company as they have to cancel some of their bookings and the limo has been off the road for a little while they found some temporary tyres and every limousine company knows these tyres and wheels are not cheap and they have had to fit temporary tyres.

CCTV footage which was taken from the limousine yard is also being analysed by police, the thieves managed to obtain entry to the yard as they knew the key code from the owner of limousine company, he doesn’t believe the robbery was an inside job and that no former employee is responsible for the limousine as he doesn’t recognise any of the two men captured on the CCTV footage.

The police are continuing their investigation and are trying to track down two men who made off with the limo tyres in a black pickup. The limo hire company owner is keeping a close eye on auction site eBay to see the stolen goods appear out of the blue.