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Top Five Cars to Come In 2011

2. Ferrari 458 Italia Spider
The Ferrari 458 Italia was released last year and was well received within the world of supercars, the car was described as the perfect Ferrari however if there was one way just one way of improving the 458 it would be to have a open roof. Ferrari has planned to release the Spider version of the vehicle this year and buyers will be able to enjoy the 9,000rpm with the all new open roof.

3. Aston Martin One-77
It’s not every day that Aston Martin brings a new vehicle out, but 2011 is going to see a few of them being bought out. The Aston Martin One-77 is without doubt the most luxurious Aston with have ever seen, and comes with a luxurious price tag of £1million plus, it boasts a 750bhp and has an already proven 220mph top speed. It has been said that nearly all the 77 cars which are being built have been allocated to buyers already.

4. Lotus Esprit
Lotus have been planning this car for a while now, and have  surprised the world by the amount of vehicles they have planned to release at the Paris show, the most impressive and the first to hit the limelight will be the Esprit. It boasts a 620hp engine and could be the most powerful Lotus ever to be seen, there have been rumours however over the internet that the car may not make the release date and may be pushed back until 2012. We will see this car at all this year?

5. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport
The Bugatti Veyron last year was the most expensive car of the year costing nearly £1.3 million, now the Bugatti team have started building the super sport model, Bugatti have said that they will first bring five models of the super sport out which are already on order by 5 customers, these customers will be put into the Guinness World Records along with the Bugatti itself. The 16.4 super sport comes with a larger turbo and bigger intercoolers and has a massive 1200HP, look out for this later on in 2011.