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Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Buys Lamborghini

Top Gear have been in the news in recent times with the whole Mexican saga happening but it seems that all that has been cleared now, and with the new series due to start soon it seems Richard Hammond has something to celebrate. The Top Gear star that has been fronting the show with Jeremy Clarkson has always showed his affection towards the Lamborghini collection. Speed freak Hammond who attempted to break the land speed record which ended up being dangerous for the star.

But this hasn’t stopped BBC’s co host from buying a new all black Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, people have been questioning Hammonds colour and why he has picked the black version however expects are saying the Lamborghini will now match his helicopter. While most of us would only match our clothes to our trainers, Hammond has the luxury of matching his luxury car with his helicopter.

Hammond has also declared his love for Pagani in recent times and his other love for Porsche with many people believing he would purchase another German supercar but he has changed and has surprised a few people. The Lambo which he has bought is reportedly costing him around £200,000, rather expensive to match your helicopter too. The strange thing what has happened is that Hammond also blew another £10,000 on a new fiat 500 which his wife will reportedly have, some people just can’t understand how that works but the star seems happy enough with his new purchase.

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