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Two Fans manage to get in Leona Lewis Limousine

The pair of fans managed to fool Leona’s chauffeur driver that were her friends and needed to be let back into the luxury car, the chauffeur actually believed them and let the pair inside the limo with the star. The fans said they are Leona’s biggest fans and would do anything to get a glimpse of the star never mind actually sit inside a limousine with her.  Leona had to admit they did good job of putting the wool over the eyes of the driver but things could have been very different if the pair were in fact not fans.
Leona in fact was still performing when the pair managed to sneak th

ir way into her limousine and the chauffeur agreed to let them wait in the back of her limousine until Leona had in fact finished her performance in a nightclub in London. The former X Factor winner had a shock surprise when she landed back into the limo to have two strangers in the back of the vehicle. Leona however didn’t throw a fit when the couple were found instead she signed the pair autographs and the pair left the limo in their own time. She didn’t even need security to remove the fans.

It has been a very busy weekend for the star as she performed on the ITV game show Red or Black with her new look which apparently cost the singer around £100,000 and was created by Kylie Minogue’s personal stylist. The Ant and Dec show pulled in over 6 million viewers Saturday night and is part of super money maker Simon Cowells idea.