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US Rapper Gucci Mane jailed For Throwing Woman Out of moving Hummer

US rapper Gucci Mane has been handed a 6 month jail sentence after he admitted to throwing out a female passengers out of his white hummer earlier in January this year, the multi millionaire has just released his latest mix tape with fellow artist Waka Flocka and has received positive reviews over the cd. The rapper has only recently been released from prison after serving time for drug related crimes and only 3 month after being released it seems Gucci is on his way back into bars.

According to the reports the 36 year old female was approached outside of a mall in Atlanta by a male who was revealed as the Atlanta born rapper Gucci Mane, then while driving his hummer vehicle she agreed to have breakfast with the star and carried on proceeding to drive.

Once she was fully on board the hummer Gucci mane offered the female passenger some money to visit a hotel with him, she then refused and he leant across and opened the passenger side door launching the harmless female out of the car whilst the H2 Hummer was still moving. The female who fell from the hummer has serve bruising to the side of her body and received redness to the skin and her back.

Gucci mane has now pleaded guilty to two counts of battery and is set to spend 6 months behind bar.