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Vanessa Hudgens Takes a Ride in Luxury Limo

The 22 year old actress who has said to be a big fan of her limos and has been pictured a number of times driving around in the fancy mobiles has been spotted again however this time she has bought her mum along who also jumped into the vehicle. Vanessa Hudgens had just arrived from the airport to start the filming of her new film Frozen Ground which is due for a release sometime in 2012 or 2013. The day before she was spotted grabbing a bite to eat with friend Kim Hidalgo and just casually enjoying their selves.

Vanessa who is spoken of to be the next big thing in Hollywood has recently unveiled a new pumpkin carving contest for her readers to join on her official site ready in time for the Halloween season, fans are already taking pictures of their new pumpkins trying to win the prize Vanessa has on offer. Her new film is based on a real life story of Robert Hansen and after the course of twelve years is abducted tortured and raped over twenty four women, he heads them into the Alaskan wilderness before hunting down and killing them, it is set to be a very powerful movie.