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Winston Churchill’s Rolls Royce

A 1925 Rolls Royce on its own is a piece of history however a Rolls Royce owned by Winston Churchill is something you don’t come across everyday. The car was showcased in Henley which is situated in Oxfordshire last week.

The Kenton Theatre in Henley was hosting a discussion on the Enigma machine, this machine was used in the World War as an encryption device, so it was a perfect time for The Rolls Royce to steal the show out front.

The 1925 Rolls Royce was receiving a lot of attention and people were fixed on it, with a history being told about the vehicle, it was revealed however that actually Winston Churchill wasn’t named as the owner, in fact a man called Frank Jenner who ran a private hire car service was. It is reported that Winston Churchill didn’t want to seem up market during the World War and although he owned the vehicle he asked Jenner to be the registered to be the owner.

Jenner was also Churchill’s chauffeur until 1964 when he finally retired, the car now is available for hire and is owned by Alan Dyson. The car has been refurbished and is available for weddings and special occasions, perfect if you’re looking for a bit of history. 


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