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World’s oldest working Car to sell at auction

The world’s oldest working car is due to be sold at a auction next month and is expected to bring back £1.6 million with many more people believing it could fetch up too £2million. It is due to go under the hammer very shortly and the owner is expected to make at least £1.5 million. The 127 year old vehicle runs on steam, using paper coal and wood as fuel to produce the steam which can power the engine. You have too plan at least 45 minutes before to build enough steam for the vehicle to actually run.

The formal name of the car was De Dion Buton Et Trepradoux and was later shortly named La Marquise which is named after the builder who built it. The car was specially built for the Count De Dion in 1884 and remained in the family until 1906 then it was sold to a French army officer Henri Doriol.

After 81 years with the Doriol household the car was then sold to motor enthusiast, Tim Moore in 1987 then succeeded in getting the car to work again after it lost copper and brass components during the World War. 
The car weighs 150 stone and is approximately the same weight as a small Renault Clio and the old car boasts a top speed of 38mph and is officially the oldest working car. Expectations are high and it is one a kind car. It will be seen how much the car will rake home when it comes to the auction.